Sunday, March 19, 2006

Big Bro's Wedding

My Big Bro's wedding was the primary reason why I planned a vacation in the motherland. My Big Brother and Aronie both have families living in the Philippines, so they decided to have the formal wedding in the P.I. Both familes and friends of familes showed up to a festive time. Come on in beeyatch!

The above pic is where we had the Family getogether dinner. The Family getogether had about 40 people.

Here's a great pic of my extended family. In pic -Cousin Langging, Cousin NengNeng, Cousins Panging, Mom, and Niece Alex.

The pic above - New family members are enjoying the Family Getoghter Dinner.
In Pic -Auntie Inday trying to figure out how the teapot works

In this above pic, Cousins Pangging and NengNeng are feeding Alex Uncle Jimmie's cough medicine. JK

The above pic is in the hotel lobby of the wedding reception. I'm the one really slouched in the chair. I wasn't feeling to hot.

Here's my Big Brother JoJo (brother's nickname.) He's wearing a traditional Filipino hand embroidered formal wedding shirt called a barong.

Shout out to my couisin Jim Boy for taking a great balcony photo. This church was amazing!

Pic of Manang Iris (in red), and the best men holding their nuts...

Pic of my proud parents
In Pic Aronie's sister (the best bridesmaid), Aronie, Big Bro, and some guy named Al.
Family pic. Yeah it's safe to say I'm the best looking one in the family. JK.

Niece Alex, Aronie, and Big Bro.

It's time to let the white birds loose.

Try to find me in the above pic. I'm skate or die!

The above pic is Chris and his Pops' celebrating the end to the wedding.

My BigBro and Aronie had an excellent wedding reception. The MC did a s**tl**d in no time. There was the dinner, the dance, the throwing of the under garments, a videography, best man's speech, best man's man speech, cutting of the cake, and me puking in the bathroom (Damn Bachelor parties.)

Cousin Langging caught the bouqet and Chris caught (or should I say my brother flinged) the garter.
I'm glad my parents decided to hire the Filipina models to be the bridesmaids.
I apoligize for not posting any pics. I've been so swamped with work. This weekend can't come fast enough. Well thanks for checking out the wedding pics beeyatches. I hope you enjoyed them. Peace.


At 8:38 PM, Blogger qwetzed said...

im glad ur parents hired models too. i found you in that picture, u look pretty skate or die.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Jimmie said...

Thanks for the comment. How was the Ghostface Killa concert? I wish I could've gone...




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