Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Trip to the P.I.

Welcome to my trip to the P.I. (Philippine Islands). I went on a two week vacation to the P.I. I have posted it online so my friends and family can view. Over the next month, I'll be posting a "blog" of My Trip to the P.I. This week I have posted pics of Boracay Islands.
From left to right - Cousin Gem, Al Jennifer, my pops, my moms, Steve, Anna, and me.

This boat took us to Boracay Island.
Al and Jennifer trying their best not to look like tourists.

Wow that's real pretty. Let's get a closer look...
Yeah, she's hot....Me, my parents, and my cousin soaking in the hot Philippine sun.
As you can see in the pic above, Boracay has really warm blue water,
and powder fine white sand.This is Crystal Cove, which is a cove in the Boracay Islands. The Boracay Islands has a few caves and many scenic views.

This is my favorite pic.

We be caving...

The pic above is the cave Me, my mom, and cousin Gem B. went into.

The above pic displays my photo skills.

I was tempted to let you go little monkey!
Borocay Island is filled with an eclectic collection of tourists. I met tourists from America, Canada, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Australia, and the UK. My cousin Gem B. and I checked out the bars, the drinks, and most importantly the Filipinas...
San Mig light is the beer of choice on Borocay Islands. A bottle of San Mig is $1.00 (=50 Filipino pesos)!

As you can see in the drink above, my drink of choice at Boracay was a Gin and Tonic. At some of these bars you had to remind the bartenders to put a lime in the Gin and Tonic.
So at the bars in Boracay me and my cousin Gem B. were intersted in meeting new people. The first night at Boracay we met these girls in the following pics. The above pic was one of the first girls we met. Cousin Gem B. was stoked when he first met this mother of one.

This above girl was definately a party girl. Oh yeah she had some quality assets.
I really don't know how this above pic got on my digi, Let alone on my blog.
So the above girl was a party chick too. She was vacationioned with her friend from Manila.
This was the Boracay part of my Philippines trip. I'll post more pics of "My Trip to the PI " next Sunday night. Thanks for checking out my blog. Please feel free to write a comment and drop a line. Peace.


At 11:30 PM, Blogger qwetzed said...

fly and spangled. love this blog, u a pimp captain.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger DNutz said...

this blog post just got better and better. nice work, can't wait to see the rest my man

At 4:58 PM, Blogger ANAR said...

That island looks soooooo cooool!!!
im jealous!!!


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